Vidyaniketan is a premier center of learning situated in the heart of Kochi city. Established as a small tuition center in 1977 it grew over years and has become a major educational institution under the guidance of dedicated academicians and able administrators in the field of higher learning. The strategies are many but the leader makes the difference.

Our Vision:

Education is the basic need for the upliftment of the society, which in turn entirely depends on the training of children as responsible citizens– “Knowledge is Power “. Our vision is to become the only center of excellence,of quality higher education for sidelined students and marginalized communities and to get each molded into an integrated personality for facing the high-tech world.


Human race has taken a giant leap in scaling new heights every moment. Our progress in education is multi-dimensional and is bound to contribute a lot in the over-all level of, social and economic scenario of the future. Our mission is to: